The workshop has been carefully designed to encourage collaborative discussion, co-learning and the possibilities for agenda setting and future collaborations through a mixture of creative small group activities in the centre with invited talks, research reports and poster sessions. In addition to the five invited talks,  there will be a central group-based activity session.

We are inviting health and social care professionals to attend the workshop. We will collate a set of pre-recorded video messages (5 mins) on burning issues for Robotics and Autonomous Systems in care (barriers/constraints/opportunities). We will post these on this workshop website and select five for the workshop for the discussion session.

Please Note: To attend the workshop in person you will need to fill in the following form as per instructions of the workshop organisers who need to arrange rooms according to the number of participants in each workshop/tutorial in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19: 

The small group activities will be: 

The organisers will set the agenda at the start of the day with a brief overview of latest research findings from their work and other global state of the art in the field. If you want your work featured, please to have a look at our call for contributions and make a submission. 

Workshop Schedule: All times are shown in Kyoto, Japan Local Time

To Receive a Teams Link to attend online please send an email to: 

Assistive Robotics in Health and Social Care - Perspectives From the Front Line


Mr Jim Thomas, Associate Workforce Specialist

Skills for Care UK

Mihailidis - 4-48.mp4

Prof Alex Mihailidis, Biomedical Engineering
University of Toronto

Ms Satomi Sakashita, Representative Director
Home Nursing Center, Kitakyushu

Dr Yohei Okada, Associate Professor Neuro Rehabilitation Research Centre, Kio University

M.D. Makoto Sawada, Head of Neuro Rehabilitation Research Center, Tottori Medical Centre


Empowering Future Care Workforce Workshop Participants

Poster Presentations

Doo Soo Chang et al: A Visual Context-Aware Framework for Service Robots

Jaeyoun Choi et al: Design and theoretical modelling of a Twisted Elastic Rotary-Rail Actuator (TERRA)

Yoo Hye Ju et al: Design of Soft Wearable Massaging Device for Lymphedema (WMD-L): A Step towards the Development of a Remote Diagnosis and Treatment Robotic Tool for Therapists and Patients

Vu Minh Tam et al: Effect Of Situation Awareness On Accomplishing Manipulation Tasks in Nursing Care

Burak Kizilkaya et al: Robotics-in-Care: Capabilities, Challenges, and Opportunities

Anisha Bontula et al: Pilot Evaluation of Anxiety Reduction with the Automatic Inflatable Deep Pressure Therapy Vest

Praminda Caleb-Solly, Cian O’Donovan et al.: Empowering Future Care Workforces

Chang poster_A Visual Context Aware Framework for Service Robots.pdf
Choi IROS 2022 Workshop Poster_TERRA_A2.pdf
Kizilkaya IROS_Poster_BK.pdf
Tam 2022_IROS_Poster_MinhTamVu_final_KOM.pdf
Bontula IROS_AIDVest_updated.pdf
O'Donovan EFCW IROS poster 2022-10-14.pdf
Yoo 2. WMD-L_HyeJu_poster_A2.pdf