The network will create, foster and facilitate co-designed, co-delivered and impactful research to accelerate the realisation of healthcare robots as pragmatic and sustainable solutions for personalised, affordable and inclusive assessment, self-management and reduction of frailty.

The EMERGENCE network activities have been designed to achieve the following objectives:

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Objective 1

To work with our clinical and care-provider partners and user groups to translate current health and social care challenges and best practice in managing, assessing, monitoring and reducing frailty, into a set of person-centred use cases and scenarios.

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Objective 2

To step-up our capacity to design and test healthcare robotic solutions, within our unique multi-disciplinary network of connected living lab test beds embedded in the community, guided and informed by health and social care experts. 

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Objective 3

To establish best practice guidelines for the design and development of healthcare robotics solutions, addressing self-management of frailty and human-robot interfaces for people with age-related sensory, physical and cognitive impairments.

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Objective 4

To lead the definition of safety, regulatory and ethical requirements and frameworks, ensuring that healthcare robotic solutions are easily deployed and integrated as part of frailty care.

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Objective 5

To identify gaps in the skills set of carers and therapists that might prevent them from effective use of robotics solutions and to inform the development of professional and CPD training content to address these gaps.

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Objective 6

To engage with academic researchers, clinicians, patients, policy makers and funding bodies to create better public and healthcare awareness and acceptance of the potential of healthcare robotics to address frailty.