Co-Creation Methodology Workshops

We are running a series of co-creation methodology workshops to generate awareness of the research challenges for Robotics for Frailty and to provide an opportunity for collaboration and engagement. These workshops will be aimed at individuals who are interested in submitting proposals for the Robotics for Frailty Challenge calls and also at those who are interested in learning more about co-creation for designing healthcare robotics solutions. 

Our co-creation methodology workshops will be full-day events with in-person attendance at each of our network team universities. 

Following attendance at one of our co-creation methodology workshops, participants will be eligible to apply for feasibility funding via the Robotics for Frailty Challenge Calls. In addition to the funds, selected projects will have access to test-bed facilities and engineers at the state-of-the-art living labs associated with the network.

Co-creation Methodology Workshop Dates

3rd November 2022 - Nottingham

8th November 2022 - Sheffield

14th November 2022 - Edinburgh

27th April 2023 - Hertfordshire

Co-creation Methodology Workshop Agenda

All four co-creation methodology workshops will follow the same agenda which has been designed in collaboration with an external facilitator to ensure consistency of experience for all participants. The workshops have been designed to be dynamic and interactive, and promise to be insightful and informative for all who attend. We will present an overview of our findings into lived experience of frailty, management and support. The workshops will provide a unique opportunity to   network with other reseachers in assistive robotics and related areas, and share your expertise, skills and experience to build collaborative links with the Emergence network community. We hope that the workshops will spark new ideas and connections that enable future research collaborations and projects beyond Emergence. This will also be an opportunity to share and learn about a range of co-production and co-creation approaches from other attendees.