Robotics for Frailty Challenge Funding Call 1

Robotics for Frailty Challenge Funding Call 1

We are delighted to announce our Robotics for Frailty Challenge funding call. We are looking to fund research-driven proposals that engage with our findings and advance the state of the art of robotics towards being capable of transforming community health and care, with an emphasis on real-world adoption and deployment. 

For more information, background and full details relating to the Robotics for Frailty Funding Call read our Information for Applicants.

Key Dates:

Announcement of funding call: 28/09/2022

Robotics for Frailty Challenge Network event: 28/09/2022

Deadline for Registrations for Co-Creation Methodology Workshops: 30/10/2022

Co-Creation Methodology Workshops: 03/11/2022 - 16/11/2022

Deadline for submission of Initial Proposal: 30/11/2022

Notification of proposal outcome: 22/12/2022

Co-creation workshops: 09/01/2023 - 20/01/2023

Deadline for submission of Full Proposal: 15/02/2023

Decisions on Full Proposal: 06/03/2023

Latest date for project commencement for those selected at the final stage: 01/04/2023

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