The workshop has been carefully designed to encourage collaborative discussion, co-learning and the possibilities for agenda setting and future collaborations through a mixture of creative small group activities in the centre with invited talks, research reports and poster sessions. In addition to the five invited talks, there will be a central group-based activity session.

We are inviting health and social care professionals to attend the workshop. We will collate a set of pre-recorded video messages (5 mins) on burning issues for Robotics and Autonomous Systems in care (barriers/constraints/opportunities). We will post these on this workshop website and select five for the workshop for the discussion session.

Please Note: To attend the workshop in person you will need to fill in the following form as per instructions of the workshop organisers who need to arrange rooms according to the number of participants in each workshop/tutorial in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

The small group activities will be:

  1. Brainstorming analysis of one of the five burning issues presented in a special short video session.

  2. Participants will review a message from a stakeholder from the sponsoring research projects, such as healthcare professionals, policy experts and end user operators in health and care settings.

  3. They will be asked to consider how their skills and capabilities can contribute to the issue and then asked to work in groups to think what kind of collective and interdisciplinary approaches might mobilise state of the art robotics and autonomous systems research.

  4. Groups will report back on what kind of new research agendas, standards, regulations, funding and policies will need to be targeted or created.

The organisers will set the agenda at the start of the day with a brief overview of latest research findings from their work and other global state of the art in the field. The coffee break poster session will be repeated at the end of the workshop, this time with lunch and drinks provided and opportunities to contribute to the workshop podcast. If you want your work featured, please to have a look at our call for contributions and make a submission.

Workshop Schedule