Prof. Farshid Amirabdollahian

Prof. Farshid Amirabdollahian

Co-Investigator, University of Hertfordshire

Farshid is a professor of Human-Robot Interaction at the School of Engineering and Computer Science, the University of Hertfordshire. He has more than 2 decades track record in using robotic technology for augmenting rehabilitation and as a tool for personal assistance. 

Farshid is a member of Adaptive Systems Research Group and is a principal investigator of the Robot House which is a smart home for assisting people with their daily lives. Farshid also leads the Kaspar project which is a robotic platform designed to assist children with Autism. 

Farshid's research focuses on human-robot interaction, with the objective of getting robots to adapt to humans’ interaction, rather than asking humans to adapt to the technology. His research interests divide into rehabilitation, assistive and assessment robotics; covering areas of human performance assessment using engaging interactions; robots for enhancing personal interaction; artificial intelligence; and safe human-computer interaction. 

He is also interested in Robot Safety and Ethics and has worked as a member of ISO TC299, working on standard development around robots and robotic devices, as well as guide documents on Ethics related to robotics. 

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